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Rave O-Zone Bounce Water Trampoline w/ Optional Slide


Summer Job . . . Only the "seriously fun" need apply! Get ready for months of "Fun in the Sun" this summer on The Rave O-Zone Bounce Water Trampoline w/ Optional Slide!

Radio Controlled Desktop Rover


Radio Controlled Desktop Rover

Rover Video Camera


Video Camera for Desktop Rover

Telecommander Computer Interface for Desktop Rover


Add Computer Control to the Desktop Rover

Shopping Shirley


Do you know someone who LOVES to shop? The perfect gag gift for the consumate shopper! Hilarious Shopping Shirley sings, she dances and waves her credit cards!

Rich Dad Cashflow Game


Change your attitude about money. The fun game teaches you how to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track where your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money.

Top Gun Air Combat

Be a TOP GUN in the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure! Custom designed for adventurers yearning to fly actual Air Combat with real fighter pilots! Go head to head! YOU FLY an Actual Fighter! No Pilot's License or Flight Experience Required. Not a Game, Not a Simulation!

Double Date Deluxe Picnic Backpack for Four


Double Date Deluxe Picnic Backpack for Four The Super Deluxe Picnic Backpack comes complete with all the accessories for four. Impressive and sophisticated, it makes a great gift.

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