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Fitness For Women - Cycle Your Way to Health!

Pacific Blue Cycle Tours offers this women only, 4 Day / 5 Night tour package for women who want to learn and/or improve their cycling skills, strength, speed, endurance, overall nutrition and fitness level awareness and attitude, while working on individual riding technique, group riding technique and cycling safety.

Forget fad diets and dull, repetitive gym routines. A whole new world of fitness and social interaction is waiting for you. It's time to get out and commune with happy, active and fit women who feed off the energy of the great outdoors and the unmatched challenges of cycling.

*Discover the source of your own determination, power and resolve
*Learn the basics or train for an event
*Take pride in improving your skills and abilities
*Train and test your body, mind and spirit
*Share the good company of like-minded people
*Feel healthy and alive while enjoying the scenery and fresh air
*Discover out how marvelous food can taste after a day of training as a cyclist

"I would like to be
the kind of person
my dog thinks I am"

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