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Ready for a Great Adventure?
Test Your Fitness, Strength and Endurance

Pacific Blue Cycling Tour

With Pacific Blue Cycling Tours you can test your fitness, strength and endurance on the actual routes that many famous racers including Lance Armstrong train. This tour has been designed to challenge and inspire all levels of cycling enthusiasts, and with 100% cycling in mind. Along the way you'll take in the natural beauty, varied landscapes and perfect climate for which California is famous. The tour concludes on day 7 riding through the lush wine country of Solvang, and returning in the evening to Santa Monica via van. Alternate routes and support vans are always available if you decide to ride a little less and spend more time enjoying the cities and hotel resorts offered on this tour.

The goal of Pacfic Blue Cycling is to share with you, the natural beauty of our surroundings
along great cycling routes
. . . the richness that is Southern California Cycling!

Fully supported and guided cycling tours - 8 day / 7 night, Sunday through Sunday.

"I would like to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"

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