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Finally, a Cure for Problem Barking. . The Humane Way!
"Lil' Dude quickly learned the gentle way"

Ultrasonic Trainer


  • Effective, humane way to stop your own or your neighbor's dog from barking incessantly.
  • Works in a 25-foot range
  • Works indoors or out
  • Senses barking and triggers ultrasonic tone that stops when barking stops.
  • Features status lights and a test button.
  • Comes with a wall-mount bracket.
Screaming or pleading with a barking dog to stop is rarely successful. Now there's finally a solution to the barking dog problem. The new Bark-Free® Ultrasonic Trainer! It really does work! And most importantly, it works HUMANELY. This simple device was developed by U.S. veterinary technicians to effectively and gently stop your dog or your neighbor's dog from barking incessantly. It is designed to work indoors or out in a 25-foot range.

How the Bark-Free Trainer Works:
The Bark-Free Trainer features a built-in microphone. When the sensor picks up the sound of constant barking, it triggers an ultrasonic tone inaudible to the human ear. Bark-free automatically stops emitting the tone soon after the barking stops. With the "Bark Pickup Sensitivity Adjustment Selector" you have the option of selecting Bark-Free's sonic tone or audible tone to fine-tune the sound sensor to the actual noise level that bothers you. This increases effectiveness and minimizes false triggers.

Bark-Free plugs into any outlet with the AC adapter with 50-foot extension cord included. The weather-resistant vinyl cover protects Bark-Free outdoors. Comes with a wall-mount bracket and features built-in LED status lights and a test button. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" deep
. Two-year warranty

"I would like to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"

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