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Baby DNA Storage Kit with Optional Profile Kit
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Price: $39.95
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Add On DNA Profile Kit (Add $100)

Your Baby’s DNA . . .The Ultimate Keepsake

Your Baby is Special . . . Your Baby is Unique

With the Baby DNA Kit,
You Can Capture That Uniqueness and Perserve It Forever

As your baby grows, the only thing that stays the same is his or her DNA . . . . That special set of instructions that make up your baby’s genetic blueprint of life.  Keeping a record of your baby’s DNA may be one of most intelligent decisions you ever make.

Baby DNA Kit Front

A Unique and Treasured Keepsake
From the first moment you cradle your precious child in your arms it’s natural to feel that you want to do everything you can to hold onto those cherished memories forever. Tiny footprints, first locks of hair, the tooth fairy's first visit . . They are all part of the fascinating story of your baby’s life.

With the Baby DNA Kit, you can now preserve the most precious memento of the unique make up of your baby. It’s the ultimate record of the link which exists between your baby’s past and your baby’s future.


Full-color presentation charts will show your baby’s unique genetic profile, image and code. You will also be able to see how similar your baby's DNA is to that of different population groups around the world.

And exclusive to the Baby DNA Kit, you’ll also receive a high quality Baby DNA profile card. Keep this unique ‘photo’ of your baby with you and you’ll never miss an opportunity to show off your precious sweetheart to friends and relatives.

Simple to Use * 3 easy steps

Taking a sample of your baby’s DNA really couldn’t be easier. You can do it at home. Just brush the inside of your baby’s cheek with a foam-tipped “lollipop”, following the step-by-step instructions included in the kit.

The entire process takes just five minutes. And rest assured, it is absolutely pain free and stress free for both you and your baby.

DNA Storage - Step 1
Step 1
Brush the inside
of your baby’s cheek with
 soft foam loll

DNA Storage - Step 2
Step 2

Apply lollipop to the storage card
and seal securely

DNA Storage - Step 3
Step 2

Send bar-coded sample and receive your baby's DNA Profile Charts

Built with patented technology

The Baby DNA Kit is built with patented technology, recommended by 99.5% of professionals and put together in a high standard, secure environment  (an ISO, GMP and FDA-approved facility to be exact).

This special DNA technology has been tested reliably for the last 14 years. It is used by professionals around the world and has been put together by a team of experts, so you can rest assured that it is of the very highest quality.
                    everything you need

In the Baby DNA Kit, you get everything you need to ensure your baby’s DNA is safely recorded, and to create the ultimate keepsake. Included in your Baby DNA Kit are:

    1. Your baby's DNA, safely stored for the future Your baby's DNA Presentation Charts, securely produced Your baby's DNA Profile Card for you to keep with you Easy step-by-step instructions
    2. Our exclusive, 16-page easy-to-follow guide to DNA, “One of a Kind”

Baby DNA Storage Kit with DNA Profile, Charts & DNA Card
Specify Pink, Blue or Orange Tin

Baby DNA Storage Kit with option to order DNA Charts later

Specify Pink, Blue or Orange Tin



Science is just scratching the surface of the great genetic revolution. And until recently, the only way to record your baby's DNA was expensive, time consuming and definitely not baby-friendly. You either had to have a full DNA profile produced or have your baby's blood cryogenically frozen, costing as much as $800.

There’s no doubt that DNA capture and storage will change our lives. With the Baby DNA Kit, you’ll be able to really understand what it could mean for you and your family. It will provide you the knowledge that you need  to make the right decisions for your future. But don’t worry about being overwhelmed in complicated science. When you read the jargon-free 16-page booklet included in the Baby DNA Kit, you’ll be able to understand DNA, and join in the great genetic debate.


Think of your baby’s DNA as the key that can help unlock a safe and healthy future. By choosing the Baby DNA Kit, you will be making sure that your baby’s unique genetic blueprint is captured forever. So should you ever need to use it in the future, it will be ready and waiting.

Advances in genetics research are gathering speed at a remarkable pace. In fact, scientists are already predicting that by 2029, most diseases including cancer and heart disease, will be preventable, may even be reversible. So if keeping your baby’s DNA seems a little like science fiction at this moment, it's most probable that it will help doctors diagnose, prevent and cure medical and health conditions in the near future.

By having a record of your baby’s DNA you could help save their life right now. Police and law enforcement agencies around the world are recommending that parents keep a DNA sample of their children  “just in case”. Of course, it isn't something any of us wish to think about, but DNA Storage could prove invaluable in providing secure identification if ever needed.

Makes a Great Baby Gift!

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