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DNA Immortality Tin
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Price: $29.95
Add Optional Profile Snapshot $110.00

Personal DNA Kit

DNA Capture Kit
Your Personal DNA . . . Capture It, Store It, Understand It

There are valid reasons why storing your DNA is important

  • Protect your family with DNA identification
  • Explore the genetics of your family heritage
  • Diagnose and treat medical conditions
  • Match up organ donors
  • Find or identify a missing person

DNA is The Only Form of ID That Cannot Be Faked.
Your DNA defines you in a way that no other form of identity can match - your DNA is you. That's why you should be the one who controls your genetic ID. The world's first at home personal DNA Kit provides you an easy, affordable way to capture and store your DNA. Each person has a unique DNA code, providing absolute, foolproof identification. Genetic traits will become more crucial in making many family medical decisions. Nevertheless, few of us have stored our DNA.

A Unique Statement of Individuality
Your DNA Snapshot consists of a unique series of numbers (a DNA code) drawn from analysis of certain key locations on your strands of DNA. Your unique set of numbers refers to you, and to you alone. They are a statement of individuality. No other person has ever had, nor ever will have, the same DNA as you. When you store your DNA, you lock a piece of yourself away. Your DNA is the very essence of you. It will tell future generations all there is to know about you.

Your DNA Profile along with the Profile Snapshot gives visual and numerical proof of your uniqueness

Personal DNA Strip

When we prepare your DNA Snapshot, we generate your unique DNA image. The DNA image is derived from your unique DNA code which varies the colors and length of the bars.
You are unique . . like no one else on the earth. 

It Takes Just 5 Minutes, is Painless and is 100% Secure
Capturing your DNA is painless, stress free, and safe for everyone. The method used is exactly as those used by 99% of genetic laboratories, security agencies and law enforcement agencies worldwide. No method of storing or profiling is more reliable. You are not able to use cutting edge science safely in the privacy of your own home, and takes just five minuets.

You Get Everything You Need In The Personal DNA Kit To Store Your DNA For The Future
Included in the Personal DNA kit is everything you need to store your DNA along with the option of sending a DNA sample away to produce your unique DNA presentation charts that show how similar your DNA is to population groups around the world.

DNA Degrades When You Die
Your unique genetic code fades away with you. But DNA storage halts the clock. It stabilizes your DNA and disables those agents that would otherwise destroy it. No method of storing DNA is as reliable. It's your
slice of immortality. The personal DNA kit uses patented DNA storage technology that locks onto your DNA and stops it from degrading. Without using this technique you would have to take a blood sample and store it at minus 80 degrees in cryogenic freezers. The costs for this could run into thousands of dollars.

The Personal DNA Kit May Be Purchased For The Same Reasons That You Would Purchase Life Insurance.
You'll never know when you'll use it. Like a crucial Last Will and Testament the DNA sample will help protect your family’s future. The sealed sample box may be kept with precious family possessions, important documents, or with your lawyer or doctor. As a record of family history, nothing surpasses DNA storage. Family historians of the future will be able to rely on stored DNA to compile a vivid picture of the past.

Now you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your DNA is safely on file, in your control in case it is ever needed.

Buy The Personal DNA Kit, And Have The Peace of Mind Your Family Deserves.

DNA Immortality Tin

DNA Kit Contents
Your DNA Immortality Tin Will Include:

  • A 16-page introductory booklet to DNA entitled: One of a Kind
  • A set of clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA storage and profiling kits
  • A DNA storage kit containing:
    1 Storage card  
    1 Sterile foam-tipped applicator
    1 Self-sealing airtight pouch containing desiccant bag
    1 Pair of disposable gloves
  • DNA profiling kit containing:
    2 Sterile foam-tipped applicators
    1 Paper hold envelope
    1 Prepaid return label
    1 Self-sealing plastic return mailer

    Your DNA Immortality Tin also contains a kit that allows you to send for a
    Profile Snapshot
    of your DNA for an additional $109.00. This Profile Snapshot
    described below gives you a glimpse of your DNA code without revealing any
    of the scary stuff.

    Comes in
    Pink, Blue or Orange Tin
    $5.00 Shipping within continental US

    DNA Profile Snapshot w/ Immortality Tin

    Order Your DNA Profile Snapshot, and also receive your DNA Immortality Tin,

  • Your unique DNA profile snapshot DNA Profile Snapshot
  • Your personal DNA image
  • A top quality credit card with your DNA image & profile snapshot
  • Your own colorful icon to personalize anything you wish.
  • A comparison certificate of your DNA code to the general population
  • Further exciting information about DNA
  • A unique and very cool digital copy of your visual DNA image
  • You will also receive a geeky charts and certificates that give more information relating to your DNA.
    Comes in Pink, Blue or Orange Tin
    $5.00 Shipping within continental US

The Ultimate Gift for Someone Who Has Everything!

 DNA Is The Most Unique Possible Gift, Ideal For All Those:

  • Maddening people who have everything already
  • Strange people who enjoy science/life programs on TV
  • Egoists who want themselves preserved for all time
  • Sensible people who want to leave their genetic code for future generations

It's 21st-century science in a tin - a fun introduction to the greatest scientific discovery of the age,
and a revealing glimpse into your own uniqueness.

Taking your DNA sample is as easy and painless as brushing your teeth 
Your DNA does not need to be sent away . . .just follow our simple instructions and keep your DNA
in a safe place for the future.

"I would like to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"

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