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Brain Lab

Journey To Wild Divine


Using BioFeedBack "The Journey to Wild Divine" is an interactive program that allows you to influence with your mind, what is happening in your body, and the world you create everyday

Brain Boosters


Do you want a sharper edge . . a desire to improve your abilities? Do you want to have more passion for your ideas and to see them become your reality?

Dental Floss For The Mind


Innovative SBT technology used in testing is now in an easy to use book! Improve Memory, Brain Fitness, Critical Thinking Skills! Sharpen your mind at any age!

Learning Strategies' PhotoReading


PhotoReading is a unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently . . without speed reading. Featured on TV and radio, including: CBS News, The Learning Channel, "Science Frontiers", "The Learning Revolution", Discovery's "Spotlight on America", The History Channel, "American Breakthroughs" and many more . .

Blink - The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking


Blink is about the first two seconds of the decisive glance that knows in an instant. Journalist Malcolm Gladwell examines the process of snap decision making.

"I would like to be
the kind of person
my dog thinks I am"

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