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Unique And Unusual

DNA Immortality Tin


DNA Immortality Tin with optional DNA Profile

Baby DNA Storage Kit with Optional Profile Kit


Your Babies DNA, the ultimate keepsake!

Gift Stocks

Give the gift of stock ownership . . . Unique and Timeless

Neanderthal Skull


Could this be a relative of yours?

Saber Tooth Cat Skull


This beautiful Saber Tooth cat will have your tabby
purring with envy,and sitting up all night
bragging about his ancestors.

Tyrannosaurus REX Tooth


This life-sized T-Rex tooth is a great
desk top conversation piece.

3-CD Set of 17th Century Maps


See the world through the eyes of the
17th century Cartographer

"I would like to be
the kind of person
my dog thinks I am"

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