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Dental Floss For the Mind

Dental Floss For the Mind is a total workout program guaranteed to build brain muscle quickly! "Use it or lose it", as the saying goes . . . This book shows you how.

Brain.com - Mental Floss For The Mind

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MSRP: $24.95
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You exercise, try to eat right, and get enough sleep--all in the name of good physical health. But what have you done for your mind lately? Your brain is your most important organ, and the latest scientific research indicates that, with regular doses of proper mental stimulation, you not only maintain, but increase brain power throughout your lifetime.

Written by a noted cognitive scientist and a top neurologist, Dental Floss for the Mind features more than 100 creative and fun exercises that target the five key cognitive areas of memory, attention, language skills, spatial recognition, and reasoning ability. Exercises are of increasing difficulty (easy to difficult) and designed to progressively stimulate and build individual cognitive skills. A scoring system lets you assess your status, identify problem areas, and with the help of the authors' expert guidance, set goals and improve cognitive skills and abilities.

This book offers a variety of ways to work. Start from the beginning and work on one area of your brain at a time, or follow a guide (provided in the Dental Floss For the Mind book) to work on the five areas in each session with progressive difficulty. Tailor a program for yourself that will fit your needs and goals. This book will even challenge "puzzle-experts!"

With Dental Floss for the Mind you'll:

  • Sharpen attention and focus and block annoying distractions
  • Utilize every type of memory - sensory, short-term, long-term, episodic, semantic, and procedural
  • Optimize reading comprehension and interpretive skills
  • Fine-tune your spatial perception and mental imagery abilities
  • Dramatically increase reasoning and analytical skills


A dynamic program for improving memory and sharpening focus. Every year, Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on gym memberships, exercise equipment, and workout videos, all in the name of physical fitness. But what are they doing for their minds? In Dental Floss for the Mind, a leading cognitive scientist and a neurologist team up to offer a complete program to improve memory and stimulate your mind.

This interactive guide features:

  • Targeted exercises for improving the five key cognitive areas: memory, attention, language skills, visual and spatial recognition, and reasoning ability
  • A scoring system for assessing current status, along with prescriptive tips for improving each cognitive area

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