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"It's All About Attitude"

Attitude 101

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ISBN: 0785263500
Format: Hardcover, 96pp
Pub.Date: December 2002
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 2,225


Attitude 101


John Maxwell firmly points to attitude as the key in making or breaking a leader. Leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition, because it will influence the way the followers think and feel. Great leaders understand that the right attitude will set the right atmosphere, which enables the right responses from others. Maxwell addresses what shapes a person's attitude and whether or not attitude can be changed. He addresses the common feeling of failure and shows how to overcome obstacles. Understanding success as a journey rather than a destination, he explains, is the key to good leadership. He concludes Attitude 101 with practical ways readers can take their attitude to the next level.


Publishers Weekly

It would be nice if this point-of-purchase inspirational tract by bestselling author Maxwell (The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership) could distill the motivational wisdom of a long career into a single, power-filled package, but instead, it siphons off a little draught as an enticing taste-test. The idea expounded here is simple enough: a good attitude, while not a guarantee of success, is crucial, whereas a bad attitude-which could include "failing to forgive," "petty jealousy" or "the disease of me"-will ensure failure. Thick with anecdotal evidence, from the life of Van Gogh (a man with a very good attitude, apparently) to the last guy who won the lottery (he still has problems), and studded with confessions that seem like veiled self-compliments, this palm-sized pep talk is a pithy and accessible reminder of basic common sense notions than many of us are apt to forget. For example, "the true nature of leadership is really sacrifice," and "[m]any of us picture success as looking like someone other than who we are." Built as a string of quotations by successful people, the case Maxwell presents is hard to argue against, although any world view that draws equally from activist Martin Luther King Jr. and union-buster Henry Kaiser would seem to leave certain, difficult questions unanswered. (Jan.) Copyright 2003 Cahners Business Information.


Average Rating:

A reviewer, September 2, 2003,
Thoughts give you direction
This is a good book to stress the importance of attitude. Thoughts are creative, and because we are doing it, it's best to optimize.

A reviewer, a literacy coach, January 6, 2003,
Attitude is EverythingThere are many things in life we can't change. However, our attitude about those things can change. John C. Maxwell does an excellent job of describing why we need to have a positive attitude and how we can develop one within ourselves. This is a great book. I read it on New Year's Day. What an awesome way to start a new year.

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my dog thinks I am"

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