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Ashton Drake's Charlie by Linda Webb

So Truely Real Baby Charlie by Linda Webb

Ashton-Drake Presents Baby Charlie
So Truly Real
TM and Anatomically Accurate Baby Boy

Charlie has a surprise! When you first meet "Charlie," sleeping peacefully in his baby blue knitted outfit, you won't be able to resist taking him into your arms to hold him close. But the So Truly Real TMsurprise comes when you change his diaper! "Charlie" is the very first anatomically correct So Truly Real TM collectible vinyl doll! Sculpted by Master Doll Artist Linda Webb, "Charlie" is so special that he's been nominated for both the 2005 Dolls Awards for Excellence and the 2005 DOTY Award! "Charlie's" perfect, little-boy body is handcrafted entirely of RealTouch TM vinyl skin, capturing every tiny wrinkle and crease, and even his adorable "outtie" belly button! His soft hair and eyelashes are applied by hand, and his tiny finger and toenails will melt your heart. Collectors everywhere will want to call "Charlie" their own sweet, little boy, so hurry! He's only available from Ashton-Drake - Start the adoption process today! (Don't miss the photos below)


"I would like to be
the kind of person
my dog thinks I am"

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