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Fruit Saver

No more Spoiled Fruit!

Fruit Saver is the solution for a common problem-featuring thermoelectric technology to extend the life of fruit so you can eat healthy foods instead of throwing them away.


Keeping produce beautiful and delicious isn't always easy. If there were a beautiful bowl of tasty, healthy fruit and vegetables on your kitchen countertop, wouldn't your family members grab a piece every time they walked by?

Introducing the technologically advanced Fruit Saver -- a breakthrough in countertop cooling that doubles the life of your fruit and vegetables and gives them the peak-of-favor your family will crave.

The Fruit Saver's thermoelectric cooling system circulates a cool 52 to 58-degree airflow over and around your produce. This is the ideal environment for slowing the aging process and preserving the nutrients, flavor and crispness of fruits and vegetables.

Bananas will stay firm and yellow over 11 days. The bowl and lid are clear, so they display delicious fruit, rather than hiding it away in the fridge. Stop wasting money on fruit you simply throw away after a couple of days, and remember-the family that sees the fruit, eats the fruit!

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