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Euphoria: The Gift of a Healthy, Balanced, and Energetic Life

What if you could. . .

  • Quiet your mind
  • Let go of self-defeating images
  • Discover your life's true purpose
  • Unleash a natural healing energy within
  • Increase energy and reduce stress
  • Maintain balance in all situations
  • See beauty and grace in all of life
  • Reach new heights of awareness
  • Empower your life with intention
  • Feel a remarkable sense of oneness
  • Receive inner wisdom
  • Replace anxiety with calm
  • Find peace of mind in your world
  • Enjoy profoundly deep and extremely pleasurable meditation
  • Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health

Seven experts come together on six audio tapes to help you experience euphoria, true peace of mind, joy, and love.

Ten more (listed below)share their insights, strategies, and stories in the book.

You receive practical guidance to live a life filled with meaning, wisdom, calm, and spirit - for success in all your efforts.

Contents of the Euphoria! course:

Audio Sessions:

  • Sessions 1A and 1B - Paul Scheele, Learning Strategies Corporation with a brand new Paraliminal learning session, Euphoria!
  • Sessions 2A and 2B - Hale Dwoskin, Sedona Training Associates helping you use the Sedona Method for euphoria
  • Sessions 3A and 3B - D. Trinidad Hunt, Elan Enterprises helping you live life on purpose
  • Sessions 4A and 4B - Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong with a Qigong meditation for euphoria
  • Sessions 5A and 5B - Bill Harris, Centerpointe Research Institute to experience a deep, euphoric meditation using Holosync
  • Sessions 6A and 6B - Rex Steven Sikes, IDEA Seminars with the Attitude Activator to reach new heights for joy

Special Articles:

Touching the God-Spark Within, Joan Borysenko
The Secrets to Inner Happiness and Contentment, Paul McKenna
Igniting Your Creative Euphoria, Barb Kobe
Live, Love, Laugh, and Be ...Euphoric!, Charlotte Ward
Conceived in Truth, Richard F. Hay
The Joyful Path of Wholeness, George Emery
Self-Hypnosis to Alter States, Nikki Goldman
Euphoria Healing, Paul R. Scheele
How We Feel Changes How We Feel, Patty Ruhle
Tapping into the Infinite Source of Euphoria, Susan Slack
Imitations of Immortality, William Wordsworth
Imagine, Paul R. Scheele
Adventures in Living from Your Center, D. Trinidad Hunt

Available in CD's or Audio Tapes


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