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Child's Silk Fantasy Bowers
Child's Silk Fairy Bower

Step Into The Magical Land of Make-Believe

Flowing layers of soft silk draped over a child's twin-size bed make an enchanting playtime hideaway by day and a delightful dream space at night; or create a magical sanctuary in any room for fun adventures with friends. Made from billowy lengths of silk gauze suspended from a 27" hoop, they hang from the ceiling by satin straps hidden beneath a silk canopy.

Made in the USA and China for ages 3+ for indoor use only, each comes in a convenient vinyl storage bag. Measures 7' from hoop to hem; adjustable hanging system will accommodate 8' to 10' ceilings.

Available Styles

  • Lavender Fairy Bower with gradient turquoise canopy and floating silk fairies.
  • Green Garden Bower with dragonflies and leaves.
  • Pale Pink Rose Bower with a rainbow canopy and big faux flowers.
  • Midnight Blue Celestial Bower adorned with stars and planets.
  • Crimson Castle Bower crowned with purple and a silk dragon
  • Our exclusive Rainbow Bower with a sky-blue over-canopy.

$89.95 to $99.95
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