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Radio Controlled Desktop Rover
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Plantraco Desktop Rover  

Desktop Rover . .
Featured on The Discovery Channel!
Discovery Channel Rover Review
Discovery Channel's Shannon Bentley did a great review of the Desktop Rover,
 the PTV Wireless VideoCam and the Telecommander Software

This Miniature Tracked Vehicle can be very precisely controlled!
Independent Control of the Tank Tracks allows you to spin and maneuver in all directions. An obstacle course created from everyday items provide endless challenges at a moments notice. With Plenty of Torque, the Rover can push and climb over objects like a Robo mountain goat. It's radio controlled fun that fits in your pocket or your briefcase!

NASA Pathfinder mars exploration ROV inspired the Desktop Rover

Inspired by NASA
Planetary Exploration Missions, The Desktop Rover is a Telepresence Capable R.O.V. (Remote Operated Vehicle) that enables the user to have a little taste of what it feels like to explore an "Alien Landscape"remotely!

Equipped with Infrared Laser Tag System

 Remote operated vehicle  

Miniature Vehicle with Gigantic Features!

Laser Tag!
Every Desktop Rover is equipped with our Infrared Laser Tag system,so that up to 4 Desktop Rovers can have mock "laser" battles, complete with space sounds and flashing LED's signaling a 'hit'. After 10 "hits" your Rover is "neutralized" until the next game begins. This is the smallest R/C tracked vehicle ever to be equipped with laser tag.
Infrared Laser Battle with two or more Desktop Rovers

Optional Wireless Color VideoCam mounts on the Desktop Rover

A new world awaits you,
Under the sofa!

reference. Add the Miniature Wireless Video Camera (The PTV16C) to the Desktop Rover and now you have a Remote Operated Telepresence Vehicle that can transmit a view of the world from the Rover's perspective - throughout your home or office! Put your Rover on the floor and maneuver room to room by using the broadcasted television picture as your objective navigational

TELECOMMANDER COMPUTER INTERFACE Optional Telecommander Computer Interface sends commands to your Desktop Rover

The Telecommander sends commands to your Desktop Rover from your  PC or Macintosh! The microprocessor controlled R/C electronics were designed to enable computer interface! Telecommander Software (with supplied interface cable), connects the handheld remote control transmitter to your PC. You can create, edit and send a series of commands from the computer to the Desktop Rover - wirelessly, and even over the internet!

At just four inches in length,the Desktop Rover is ready for play . . . wherever you go!

Mini Desktop Rover is small enough for your briefcase or backpack!
This Miniature Mobile Rover will appeal to both executive and child! (or the child in the executive)

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